Must-Have iOS Apps for Students

Apps are very essential to carry out so many tasks. It is highly useful for all sorts of people. With the development of technology, so many things that seemed impossible at one point of time are now easily doable. If you are a student, then there are some iOS apps that you must have as it will really help you carry out your work with ease.

Here are some of the iOS apps that you have to be using:

iTunes University: Apple’s iTunes University has loads of course materials from a lot of premium universities as well as colleges. There are a lot of course materials that may have gone to the iTunes; in case it has not, you will still find a lot of content that are similar in nature to the other educational institutes. The app is currently available for iOS; the content is actually a mix of audio, video, text and other format, and this depends on the kind of content that is offered by the creator.

iStudiez Lite: This app lets you manage a semester that can consist of close to 5 courses – 15 classes per exam for each course. It will have around 15 assignments – 5 instructors and 2 holiday periods and you will be able to set the alarms. In case you like the free version, it’s great. The paid version is not very expensive; it is under $3 and the pro version is not actually the in-app purchase. This will take away all the limits whatsoever and allow you to use the app without any issues.

Exam Vocabulary Builder: This awesome app is developed to improvise your English vocabulary. Whether it is for a new college student or a post graduate, this will definitely help in a major way.  The apps will make use of spaced repetition for helping with the retention. In addition to the search as well as organizing features, there are a lot of modes, which include flashcard mode, study mode as well as the quiz mode. This app is especially useful for TOEFL students, who wish to enhance their English language skills.

Dictionary: The dictionary app is an awesome tool, which will help you with your language (English) learning needs. It has about 20 lakh definitions. You will get this main app absolutely free; however, you will have a lot of ads. In the free version, you will have the synonyms and antonyms. You will have a thesaurus and much more. In the paid version, you will have much more features like encyclopedia and word suggestions. This iOS version has some amazing reviews (over 43K ratings), which is fantastic.Consider having these apps in your phone and you will not have to go to any library.

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